sans deer

Formed in 2006. Inviting various type of musicians, sans deer perform a variety of music according to the characteristics of the place they play. sans deer seek boundary between song and improvisation as performing experimental popular music. In July 2006, they participated the 12th Annual Olympia Festival of Experimental Music at Olympia, WA. And joined recording session at K Record. In June 2009,they participated the Suoni Per Il Popolo Festival at Montreal,CA.

Current and former members and guests: takuya sugimoto,hayato aoki,izumi irie,yohei oota,mako hasegawa,masami ito,yoshio ootany(sim,mas),tori kudo(Maher Shalal Hash Baz),bill wells(Bill Wells Trio),leon lo(natacha's recordings,Paper Boots),serene daoud(Paper Boots),xu shaoyang,arrington de dionyso(Old Time Relijun,‚j Record),yuya onodera(Tennis Coats,yuya boya)teruoki mishina(333 Discs ),yoshiko iguchi(Andersens),junichi ishizuka,shinsuke ouchi(Andersens),maruko oe,koji shibuya(yumbo),shiro kobayashi,naoki ootani,etc.

sans deer in FALL '08/02/16

Takuya Sugimoto

Born in 1976. Interested mainly in popular music and jazz of 20th century, contemporary and classical music in western Europe and America, bossa nova,world music,maher shalal hash baz,and all of deers.

Major recording works:

With deers

Split album

Participation albums

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