CD:Grand Tour - sans deer

Grand Tour
sans deer:
hayato aoki(mandolin, glocken, melodion,guitar)
izumi irie(musical saw, chinese reed)
yohei oota (bass clarinet, hose)
yoshio ootani(alto sax)
takuya sugimoto(guitar, pianica, vocal)
sinsuke ouchi(guitar on 1,3,9)
teruoki mishina(sounds on 1,3,9)
  1. FALL
  2. nightingale
  3. Nandin
  4. Across the River into the Trees
  5. !!!
  6. Florence
  7. Akasaka-mitsuke
  8. A boat
  9. Palm Reading
  10. El Noi de la Mare *Traditional

All songs are composed by takuya sugimoto(ex.track 10)

price 1260 Yen


Bookend/La Varieté,2009

Label:Bookend/La Varieté

La Varieté:-the French term for popular music,
everything that's not heavy rock;
music drawing on diversity and depth.
This album is a meeting of songs and improvisations
created with deers

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